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Sacramento China office to expand trade

Article in Sacramento Business Journal January 29, 2014:


Creating a Foothold for Foreign Investment Opportunities in the Far East

Article in City Express January 30, 2014:


Viewpoints: It’s time for China and California to blaze new trails together

Article in the Sacramento Bee Novemebr 23, 2013: Viewpoints article


California-Chongqing Trade and Commerce Organization overview by Rob Fong

Article in the Sacramento Business Journal July 19, 2013: 


Sacramento is hungry for Business in China

Article in the Sacramento Business Journal July 12, 2013: 


A promising partnership

City Councilman Rob Fong says Sacramento's agreement with Chongqing offers benefits both here and in China. Article in the Sacramento Business Journal: http/


Sacramento creates trade partnership with Chongqing, China

Article is Sacramento Bee:


City of Sacramento, Chongqing China formalize partnership

Article in the Sacramento Press: